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OUT 8th of June

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"Florence" (bike) Tour

A bike ride from Anagni to Barcelona: a journey celebrating beauty.

"Florence": two wheels, one song.


Florence represents a hymn to the beauty.

The beauty of the nature that surrounds us with all its diversity and unique manifestations.

The beauty of the arts and the architecture that we are so lucky to witness just by raising our eyes. 

The beauty is all around us, we just have to be aware enough to recognise it and be enlighten by it.

To celebrate the beauty I have written a song called "Florence".

Purposely named after a city and a woman because both are indeed the concrete expression of what beauty represents for me.

Join me for the ride and sing along as I stroll or follow me on my socials!

 Let's celebrate beauty together!

On Telegram for live maps and updates 


On Instagram for videos & stories 

Follow my journey on Komoot (and join me if you can) for this amazing ride !

Florence t-shirts


The t-shirt are 100% cotton, 145/150 g/m2

The price is including shipment

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